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American couple bids farewell after 3 years in Cameroon

American couple bids farewell after 3 years in Cameroon

Fr Peter A. Foleng, SD Americancouple

On February 11th 2003, the staff and students of St. Rita's Catholic Technical High School Nkambe had a double celebration, the National Youth Day and the reception of an American couple. The American couple, Deanna and Warren Bowers came to Cameroon under the Lay Mission Helpers Association of Los Angeles California.

They came in following with a partnership between the Diocese of Kumbo and their Association. Since the departure of a member of staff, Nick Jackson in 1995, the Association has not been able to send more staff to St. Rita's college because of the special character of the college.
When the Bowers presented themselves as ready to go on mission, the hierarchy presented the various options to them and they finally chose Cameroon. Mr. Warren holds a Masters Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Mme Deanna is a State Registered Nurse with more than 25 years of experience as a school nurse.
This couple could hardly fit so well anywhere else than in the Lone purely Anglo-Saxon and Catholic Technical School, St Rita's College Nkambe. Mr. Warren has been teaching Wood Finishing, Algebra and Project Management. Mrs Deanna teaches Health Sciences and does her age old job of school nursing.
Wood-finishing and Project Planning and Management are rare subjects in the curriculum of our Cameroonian Technical High Schools. Their flexibility and fast adaptability has exposed them to the public in such a way that they live more like the natives. The staff and students have become so fond of them that they are known simply as Pa and Mami Bowers.
Mami Bowers spends her free time with the liturgy committee of the parish, the women and many others. Pa Bowers is always on his legs supervising almost every activity, especially minor repairs and projects, in the school. Although not a member of the Lay Mission Helpers, the Bowers have been able to obtain grants from some benefactors for some major projects in the school.
The St. Joseph's Dormitory stands magnificently overlooking the rest of the campus. The dilapidated walk way now beams over those who pierce through. Following the purchase of a 30kw standby generator St. Rita's college no longer suffers from perpetual black out during the regular power failures from AES-Sonel.
At 68, they are still quite active. Pa Bowers and Mami Bowers will leave St. Rita's College at the end of May 2006. Prior to their departure, Mami Bowers was asked to evaluate their stay in St. Rita's college and she replied in a romantic verse which she entitled: 'In Your Hands', that is, we leave it "In Your Hands…"
On the occasion of the celebration of the Vocations day, we will like to present to you the Lay Mission Helpers. Lay Mission Helpers are a Catholic community of lay missionaries who witness Christ's presence in the world by sharing their professional talents while living together with the poor of other countries.


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