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The Ordination of the Bishop-Elect, Mgr George NKUO has been slated for 8 September. Last Saturday the Sterring Committee charged with the preparations for this event met for the first time in Bishop's House, Kumbo. The following sub-committees were set up with members from the steering commitee and coopted members from among the faithful and friends of the diocese:
1. Feeding Committee: To receive contributions from the parishes, purchase food items and drinks, assign different groups to prepare the food and serve it to the invited guests: Lilian Manjo (Chairperson), Brother Juan Nvo Nvo, Sr. Therese Claire Chi, Sr. Grace Ngu, 10 Sisters of Tertiary sisters of St Francis.
2. Transportation Committee:To cater for the transport for the members of the committees, the transportation of the lodged persons, transportation of food and drinks: Mr Ernest Yubin (Chairperson), Father Daniel Ache, Mr Mr Michael Chinja.
3. Decoration Committee: To decorate the Altar, the ceremonial ground, writings for the hall, banners and posters, route markers: Sr Grace Ngu (Chairperson), Fr Evaristus Kiven, Sr Anette Tangwa. They will coopt more members.
4. Gift Committee: To liaise with Rome and get a durable chalice for the new Bishop, with the following words imprinted on it: "From the Faithful of the Diocese of Kumbo to Mgr. George NKUO": Fr Zephyrinus Y. Mbuh, Fr Hans Willeit, Fr Cyprian Tatah.
5. Liturgy Committee: To prepare every detail pertaining to the liturgy of the ordination day: Vestments for the one to be ordained, the Principal Consecrator and the Co-Consecrators, Festments for other Bishops and Priests, Candles, Flowers, Bread and Wine, Incense,m Coal, etc.: Diocesan Liturgy Committee, Sr Anette Tangwa, Sr Grace Mary Yefon, Mr Elias Bantar.
6. Ordination Grounds Committee: To prepare the ground for the ordination ceremony (build podium, arrange sitting, get sheds against rain, etc..): Diocesan Construction Department, Mr Ernest Yubin, Fr Anthony Yilaka, Fr Zephyrinus Mbuh, The Principal of SAC.
7. Communications Media Committee: To prepare booklet containing information about the diocese and the new Bishop, and Singing Programme, Prepare Contribution Cards, Invitations, Speeches, Minutes of Committee Meetings, bringing in the Radio and Television, Communicating with Cameroon Panorama and L'Effort Camerounais, uploading information on the internet, sensitisation and announcements, assuring public speaking system on ordination day, arranging a stand-by generator on the day of ordination, organising photographs and video coverage of the occasion: Fr Robert Tanto (Chairperson), Diocesan Printing and Communicatiuons Centre, Shey Julius Ngalim, Mr Chrysanthus Sala.
8. Security/Protocol Committee: Guarantee securitz for the Pastoral Centre and for parking on the day of ordination, organising protocol, order at the Liturgical assembly and in the halls where food is served, to contact Administration and Shisong Hospital for 'Security Personnel': Mr Augustine Ngu Ngwa (Chairperson), Mr Ernest Yubin, Mr Nic Otiason, Mr Nkwain Emmanuel, Ms. Angeline Kong, Mr Peter Mbuh, Shey Fonbah Richard.
9. Medical Committee: To organise medical care for those who might develop health problems. To make available a standy-by ambulance: Sr Bridget Manka (Chairperson), Mrs Clara Bongmba, Dr Yaa Louisa Wirmum, Sr Lory, and coopted nurses.
10. Finance Committee: To collect, disburse and account for all the monies needed: Mr Ngah Stephen (Chairperson), Fr Anthony Yilaka, HRH Fon Polycarp Ngwayi, Mr Boniface Nyuyki, Mr Bawe Henry, Ms. Angeline Kong, Mrs Emerencia Shang, Fr Patrick Nchuwa, Mr Beri Joseph Baba, Chairpersons of Parish Finance Commissions.
11. Souvenirs: To see to the provision and sale of souvenirs (cloth and T-shirts, etc.): Fr Andrew Ngah (Chairperson), Fr Anthony Yilaka, Dr Louisa Nyuyseni, Fr Charles Mbuntum, Mr Christopher Fornkwa, Mrs Fonju Elizabeth, Sr Grace Ngu, Sr Josephine Jaya.
12. Accommodation Committee: To receive and lodge guests who will come from other dioceses and abroad for the ordination: Mr Ephraim Lukong (Chairperson), Sr Anna Woods, Fr Peter Watson, Fr Edwin Njongai, Mr Michael Veranso, Sr Elvira Afoni, Br Juan Nvo Nvo, Sr Catherine Molloy, Chairpersons of Kumbo, Mbve, Tobin, Shisong, Meluf and Melim Parish Pastoral Councils.

Each sub-committee will meet at their convenience to break down their job description and start working before the next Steering Committee Meeting scheduled for 3 August in Bishop's House, Kumbo at 9 a.m.

Robert Tanto.


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