Friday, 14 July 2006

Bishop-Elect, George Nkuo Appoints Collaborators

In a meeting with the interim College of Consultors, held in Bishop's House, Kumbo on Thursday 13 July 2006, the Bishop Elect of Kumbo, appointed the following priests of the Diocese of Kumbo to work in close collaboration with him.
Vicar General, Fr. Roland BERNGEH, effective from 08 Sept 2006

College of Consultors, Effective from 08 September 2006:
Fr. Roland BERNGEH
Fr. Anthony YILAKA
Fr. Isidore S. LAFON
Fr. Robert I.N. TANTO
Fr. Aloysius AKI
Fr. Zephyrinus Y. MBUH
The interim college of consultors also made elaborate appointments and transfers of priests in the diocese. The Diocese of Kumbo is gradually getting settled with the appointment last Saturday 8 July of The Right Reverend Father George Nkuo as new Bishop of Kumbo.
On Friday, 14 July 2006, the Bishop-Elect met the Presbyteral Council, which he reconfirmed in their function. In an intensive working session with the Presbyteral Council, he put in place plans for his Episcopal Ordination, which is slated for Friday 08 September 2006. A lot of preparation work needs to be done.
The ordination grounds where his predecessor, Cornelius Fontem Esua was ordained some 23 years ago will be renovated and used for his ordination. A budget of CFA 50 million francs was drawn to cover the entire cost of the ordination preparations, execution and evaluation.
The Diocesan Laity Council will be meeting on 15 July at Bishop's House, Kumbo, to plan details that will involve all the faithful of the diocese of Kumbo. Thereafter, the first meeting of the steering Committee for the ordination will be held on Saturday 22 July in Bishop's House. The steering Committee has members drawn from all categories of people in the diocese, representing all parishes and Religious Communities.
It is estimated that if every baptised Catholic in the Diocese of Kumbo contributed CFA 1000 francs for this purpose, we would be able to raise the money we need for the ordination. It is hoped that, our Christians, now highly enthused by the gift of a second bishop, will contribute generously to accommodate and offer hospitality to the estimated 10000 people who will come from all parts of Cameroon and beyond for the ordination ceremony.
Between now and 8 September, we need to keep praying and working hard. The Bishop elect will be travelling to Yaounde to meet the Papal Nuncio, and thence to Rome to make final arrangments for his ordination. We hope to receive as special guests at the ordination, our twin brothers and sisters from the Diocese of Limburg, Germany.
Robert Tanto.


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