Tuesday, 27 June 2006


My name is Calixta Ngumbo. My mother brought me up in the presbyterian Church. Our compound was very close to the presbyterian Church and so naturally we went to that Church. When I was baptised in that Church I joined that "Christian Youth Fellowship" (CYF)Group. I was one of the most active members of the group.
In the CYF Group we did many good works for the Church. I fulfilled all the financial demands that were made of the members of the Church. Our house was burnt in a fire accident one day, and I lost my baptism certificate and all my Church Documentin that accident.
At some point I stopped going to the presbyterian Church and started going to the Catholic Church. In our village, Mamba, there are about 50 Catholic Christians. Most of them hardly go to Church at Kungi when the priest comes there on Sunday. They even fail to go to Church when the priest comes to our village on pastoral visit. Since I developped interest in the Catholic Church, I kept on thinking that God was calling me into this community to contribute ideas and work for the growth of this Church in our village.
In March this year Father Tanto visited our mission. I was returning from Nkambe Market and we trekked together to our village. During the meeting with the Christians I was elected to be Catechist of our Mission. I accepted and now I am Catechist of Mamba.
I think that being Catechist is the best chance for me to know more about Catholic Doctrine, to read the Catholic Catechism, understand what I have read and then share the knowledge with the rest of the Catechumens. Even though I am experiencing a lot difficulties working with the Christians of Mamba, I am convinced that nothing good comes easy.
When I accepted to be catechist, I told the parish priest that in September this year I will go back to continue my studies at Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Nkambe. I have two Catechumens and I am determined to learn a lot of doctrine with them before I go back to school. The Parish Priest has invited Mr Ignatius Nyugap of Kungi to be going with me to Catechists' Meetings in view of taking over from me when I go back to school. I know that God helps those who struggle to get good results, so I am determined to hand over a good catechumenate to Mr Nyugap. I am also looking forward to the day when I will be received into the Catholic Church and to begin practising my Catholic Faith fully.
Calixta Ngumbo.


At Saturday, December 09, 2006 9:31:00 am, Blogger JJ Asongu said...

I am so impressed by what I have read about this catechist and would like to help her return to school. Can Fr. Robert Tanto or someone contact me? My email is ASONGU@YAHOO.COM. Thanks.

JJ Asongu
Atlanta, USA


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