Saturday, 24 June 2006


If there has ever been a project that has brightened the future of young people in, and around Nkambe, then it should be the Girls and Boys Town project. It started with a barbing studio and a saloon. This was all very wonderful. The youths of Binju-nkambe Parish were very grateful for this iniative. They lacked words to express their gratitude to their Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Robert Tanto. While the young people of the Parish were still contemplating how to express their gratitude, Fr Robert was also pondering on taking the project to higher heights. Within a short period an Internet Café was setup in nkambe Town.This time around it was not only welcomed by the youths of Binju-Nkambe parish. The whole of Donga and Mantung Division is proud of it. This is the second in the Division.
Before now, news about the internet seemed like a mystery to most of the people of nkambe, youths and adults alike. Many people were scared of visiting the first internet café. All this was because they had never known about it. The Girls and Boys Town Setup has acted as a catalyst to a docile lot. This has been as a result of sensitization in churches and Schools. Fr. Robert and some youths have been telling the people how the internet functions. This has captivated the interest of so many people who rush into the Internet Café wanting to see all they have been hearing about.
Consequently, Internet and Computer training are offered in the Girls and Boys Town internet Café. Because of the cost of running the internet Café, training cannot be offered totally for free. So a token fee is charged for this purpose. Some parents are showing much interest as they send their children for the training. Other children are interested but their parents are not able, or not willing, to pay the token fee for training. As of now, there are five students in the Internet café for training. They are Sharon, Edna, Frisely Emmanuel and Juliet. Many more have indicated to begin on the 1st of July.
We owe much thanks to our benefactors and friends. Fr, Robert keeps telling the people he is getting the money for this project from friends around the world. We don’t know all his friends but, we say to those friends: “gracias! mORE GREASE TO YOUR ELBOWS”. You have indeed changed the course of the river. Things will never be the same again in Nkambe.
This is project will definitely lift the level of thinking of our young people and change the mentality of the people of this area generally.

Bernard Afor.


At Saturday, June 24, 2006 1:18:00 pm, Blogger Binju-Nkambe Parish said...

The picture selected for this news blog did not upload. Sorry about that.
Bernard Afor.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006 1:41:00 am, Blogger Binju-Nkambe Parish said...

Hi Bernard, a very nice powerfull article that describe the interest of the youth in Binju-Nkambe. Almost the youth in interested to get more and more the interest of other youth around the world. Only having an infrastructure like the Internet you will be able to share your ideas with others and of course viceversa.
You didn't got the picture uploaded? Don't worry about that. Sometimes the internet is very 'busy' and the computer that hold this Weblog won't allow to transfer the picture data.
Question1: Did you decreased the picture size? That will be a solution for you, and then you will be able to upload the picture.
PS: Don'T forget to rezise the picture too... a picture size from 320x140 will be enough.
If you have more question, let me know it!!.

Who I'm? Ask Fr. Robert Tanto.
kindly regards to you and all the youth in Binju-Nkambe, out of Unterliederbach. Juan

At Monday, June 26, 2006 2:29:00 pm, Blogger Binju-Nkambe Parish said...

Congratulations. This is the first time I ever got to know that Binju-Nkambe had a web-log. I find this a very constructive initiative in the interest of sharing news about the people and events in our locality. Keep it up and God Bless your efforts.

Fr. Dan


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