Thursday, 15 June 2006


Holidays have begun in Cameroon for primary schools. Secondary Schools are writing the General Certificate of Education (GCE). This time of the year we organise camps for young people and try to keep them off the streets and occupied with something that helps them to learn and contribute to the income of their families. In the attached photo Sabina Nsah is trekking a distance of 20 kilometres with her mother to buy palm oil at Berabe in Ako, in order to re-sell at Nkambe for a little profit. Many other children do not have the capital to do such petty trading. We continue to worry about them being idle and roaming the streets.

In the parish we have eight catechumenates running. AtBinju main mission, we do not have a catechist since the retirement of pa Michael Mbunwe. Father Tanto has just registered some one hundred children for doctrine and is himself making the time to give them doctrine classes. We still hope to get the Small ChristianCommunities to take on some catechesis for their children. As of now, the SCCs are only Christian Communities in name.


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