Monday, 5 June 2006


Last week Binju-Nkambe Parish was a beehive of activities. Father Tanto met with the Catechists at Bakinchini from Thursday to Friday. We reviewed the catechesis in the parish. In the main mission, we do not have a catechist since the retirement of Pa Michael Mbunwe aged over 75. We are trying to get the Small Christian Communities to organise the Catechumens and First Holy Communicants in their quarters. Up till now the Small Christian Communities do not take on any pastoral activities. At best they hold meetings and do Faith Sharing. Two quarters have responded to the appeal to collect names of Catechumens and First Communicants.

The Single Parents of the Parish met at Bakinchini last Friday morning. For some time now the Diocesan Family Life Office has helped to coordinate the activities of the Single parents: they have helped them with a Lending Fund to buy seeds before the planting season; they carry on regular economic activities to help the single mothers especially to look after their children and themselves without falling into prostitution for survival.

Our parish Vocations Group meets on the First Saturday of the month. Last Saturday they met with the Parish Priest at Ntumbe Kumbo where Holy Mass was celebrated on the Feast of Charles Lwanga and his Companions, patron saint of the mission. Ntumbe Kumbo does not yet have a hut for worship, so we celebrated Holy Mass on the hill side which had been designated for a Church Plot. We were blessed with good weather: bright sunshine and a cool breeze. The vocations group reflected on the theme: "building a house you can be proud of, on a solide foundation".

The young people who continue to attend the monthly vocations group meetings are searching and finding out what God wants for them. They all feel called in different directions: call to christian marriage, call to the priesthood, to the religious life, and so on. They experience a lot of challenges from the criticisms of other young people who think these to be religious fanatics.


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