Tuesday, 27 June 2006


Six of the nine priests that serve in Binju-Nkambe Deanery met today at Binju Presbytery in ordinary session. Prior to their meeting this morning they had recollection yesterday directed by the youngest priest in the deanery, Father Evans Shang.
At their meeting this morning they appealed that the hierarchy of Kumbo Diocese hurries to raise to fully fledged parishes the quasi parishes that constitute the bigger percentage of the deanery. The deanery is made up of Binju-Nkambe Parish, Ako Parish, Misaje Quasi Parish, Nkambe Town Quasi Parish and Mfumte Quasi Parish. They noted that generally the faithful are no longer enthusiastic about working to become a parish since they have all the semblance of being parishes. In fact, the quasi parishes have residential Rectors and assistant priests and function in every way like parishes. They only differ from parishes in name. So what is the point keeping them as parishes and hopeing they will be better prepared to become fully fledged parishes.
The Apoostolic Administrator of Kumbo Diocese has always maintained that a quasi parish can remain quasi for ever or can even be reduced to being just part of the mother parish from which it was carved out.
The Fathers also deliberated on a number of pastoral strategies that are characteristic of this part of the diocese. They assigned themselves functions to be carried out during the celebration of Pastoral Week at Deanery level in Ako from 20 to 22 July 2006.
In rounding off the meeting, Father Tanto, the dean, remarked that this has been the best meeting of the priests of the deanery since he became dean three years ago.
The three Fathers absent were Father Isidore Lafon, Rector of Nkambe Town Quasi Parish, who has travelled to Rome with the Apostolic Administrator for the Pallium, Father Anthony Lawir,Principal of St Rita's College, who is running the Vocations Camp at Sop Comprehensive College, and Father Eugene of Our Lady of Fatima Quasi Parish, Mfumte.
Robert Tanto.


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