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Last Saturday, 06 January 2007, the Vocations Group of the Parish met. Some 30 young people came together from 4 mission stations of Binju-Nkambe Parish, and two from Nkambe Town Quasi Parish. During the Eucharistic Celebration to begin their meeting, Father Robert Tanto called their attention to the difficulties to be expected in answering one’s call. He warned against dangers to one’s vocation which can come from carelessness and the presumption that one is strong to stand against temptations of all sorts. He told them the story of Father Pavol Kubicar, Parish Priest of Notfels in Voralberg, Western Austria, who had resigned as parish priest because he discovered he was going to be a biological father. He elaborated on the demands of chaste celibacy which candidates for the priesthood and the religious life must consider seriously.
After Holy Mass, the group was taken for discussions by Brother Elijah of the Marist Brothers’ Formation House, Tatum, who had been invited to talk to the group about the Marish Brotherhood. After Brother Elijah’s delivery, the young people had many questions which made the discussion very lively. Questions covered the whole range of vocations, including Christian Marriage and Family Life and the different forms of consecrated life. Brother Elijah gave each of the participants a copy of A Short Life of Marcellin Champagnat, by Noel Dennis.
The discussion session ended at about 1.00 p.m. The young people of Binju had prepared a sumptuous lunch which they shared with the whole group. But before they could sit down to eat, the delegation of Germans who had been present for Makelia’s wedding arrived and shared a little time with them. The young people were glad to see Makelia, now Mrs Bam. They listened to her words of encouragement with keen interest. They took photographs.
The group later met the German visitors at the presbytery and animated the sitting with their songs and dance. Before the adults could arrive to welcome the German visitors, the young people had been keeping visitors well entertained.
The next vocations group meeting was billed for Bakinchini on Saturday 03 February 2007. Interestingly, for the first time, Bakinchini had representatives at this last meeting. They were surprised to be asked to host the next meeting, but left with determination to make good preparations for it.
Robert Tanto.


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Keep up the good work on this wonderful blog. It keeps me in touch with some happenings in Mbum.

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Hi Afor,
I enhanced the colors and sharpness of the second picture in this post. I adjust the contrast and brighteness
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