Thursday, 14 September 2006


The heat of preparations for the episcopal ordination of Bishop George is all over now. The Steering Committee will be meeting again on Saturday 16 September to take stock of the events. People gave generously for the occasion. The Lamido of Wat in Tabenken parish donated a cow; the Fon of Nso donated a cow, etc. So many people, Christians and non Christians alike, contributed for the occasion.

The ordination cloth is still selling. Those who bought the cloth sewed it in all kinds of styles. At the ordination grounds the cloth dominated all other attires. It will remain a souvenir for the people, and will be highly prized when Bishop George makes his maiden visit to the parishes.

Christian Maier, the new coordinator for the Limburg wing of the partnership between Kumbo and Limburg is still around and will be going back to Germany at the weekend. He became Limburg Diocesan Coordinator of Partnership on 15 August 2006. He actually visited partner parishes and institutions in Kumbo before going to meet their counterparts in Germany next Monday 18 September.
Daniela and Venessa, who will be staying on for one year to work respectively in the Family Life Office and on the Diocesan Youth Team, accompanied Christian to Djottin and Binju-Nkambe. We were happy to host them for the night. We have asked Christian to kindly bring our love to our brothers and sisters in Kloster Arnstein, Winden and Nassau.

Robert Tanto


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