Sunday, 30 July 2006


All of Nkambe Town, and indeed the whole of Nkambe plateau is echoing the same sound, the same message, the same noise. One would think that everyone has tuned in to FM 105.1, the Donga-Mantung Community Radio Transmission.

The Radio House is a simple residential house, still very much unfinished
The whole Division has waited some two years for this dream to come true. After the preliminary meetings negotiating the opening of this Radio, Mr Akwanka Joe Ndifor, the reputed journalist who was behind it all died and left everyone wondering if this dream would ever be realised.

When I visited the building on July 27th Moses was still fitting in electrical sockets and switches!

Many people have been to the radio station today to lavish praises on the Lord Mayor of Nkambe and the Mayors of the Councils in Donga Mantung Division for pursuing this project to this stage. Mayor Jones Mangoh of Nkambe Rural Council is said to be in the USA to beg for money for more development projects in his municipality. He might have been the first to go on the air today!

A few days ago I caught up with a young English Man from London, Max Graef, who was seating even in the fresh air of Nkambe, to get the infrastructure finished within a few days. He was so busy he could not make the time to grant us an interview. Today I met him as busy as ever, organising, correcting, directing, just busying, busying.

Max Graef, Community Radio Specialist from London!

But he was happy. The crowd that filled the radio house told of the joy of success. As I compose this news bit I am listening to the Sunday Evening Show on FM 105.1.
What is even more, I had my few minutes on the air today to appreciate the achievement and inform people about my communication today with the Wimbum Group in USA who are working out their own contribution to the success of this radio story.
We are open to contribute our own bits of news, information and formation to our community through this medium. The boys in the studio hinted me they will be coming around some time to cover our Eucharistic Celebration live.

Max was happy to register success with
the technicians in the control room.

They told me they have had feedback about reception in Ndu, Oku, Nwa, Tabenken, Binka. They are still waiting to get feedback from Misaje, Ako, Sabongari. When the transmission can be received in these places, then the whole division is covered. This is indeed good news.

The Deputy Mayor of Nkambe has been on the air calling on people to report back from the areas where they received the broadcast.

Robert Tanto.


At Wednesday, May 11, 2016 2:09:00 am, Blogger Belmond Ndengue said...

Hello there,

What a good news! I am Belmond Ndengue, a former Nkambe Government Highschool French lecturer in the late 70s. I spent 4 or 5 good years in Nkambe. Currently a multimedia journalist based in the Caribbean, I have been out of Cameroon for the past 35 years. However, Nkambe has always been in my mind as one the best places I have ever lived.

I am so excited by the good news regarding the new radio station in Nkambe. Hope to be able to tune your station online soon. I am sending my greetings to Mbey Umaru, Tatah Joshua( If he is still alive), Maureen, Angeline Kong, Vero Tangem and to the entire population of Donga Matung.

Belmond Ndengue
P.S.: I am also a music maker. I could be sending you some of my music.
My email Facebook:Belmondo Ndengue

At Wednesday, November 23, 2016 10:53:00 am, Blogger theperfectionist said...

It's deep regret that i stand to inform you that my dad (Tatah Joshua) gave up the ghost ten years ago. Thanks for thinking about him


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