Wednesday, 9 August 2006


Are you coming to the Episcopal Ordination of Mgr George NKUO? Then you need to get a piece of Ordination Cloth that has been designed for the occasion. It costs CFA 8,000 F a piece. It is the only "uniform" advised for the occasion.
Do not forget, ordination date is Friday 08 September 2006.
Get ready to buy on the day of ordination a booklet with the liturgy programme, the history of Kumbo Diocese and the biographies of the outgoing and incoming bishops.
Have you booked any hotel reservation yet? There are few hotels in Kumbo, so hurry to book now!!
Priests coming from the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province will find lodging in the presbyteries of the nearby parishes at Jakiri, Kumbo, Shisong, Meluf, Tatum, Mbve.
Preparations are heating up. Get involved. Do not be left behind.
By the way, have you made your contribution to the ordination? If you contribute CFA 1000 F plus, you get a ticket with the logo of the event.

Photo: Livinus Tal Bam

Robert Tanto.


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