Friday, 18 August 2006


Traditionally the Feast of Assumption is celebrated with a lot of pomp in our parish. This year the celebration was marked by the celebration of the Eucharist in 4 stations: Binju, Bakinchini, Bansobi and Kungi.
At Kungi the Catholic Women Association members appeared in their CWA Uniform and proclaimed the readings at Mass. They invited the Parish Priest to join the rest of their community for lunch. It was a sumptuous lunch. There was enough food for all the men, the children and women who are not members of the CWA.
Because I had not brought my camera to Kungi on 15 August, I asked the women to kindly wear their uniform to the Pastoral Meeting of the zone which was taking place the following day, 16 August. They did, and we took some really good photos of them in their uniform.
All through the parish we were united with our friends and partners in Low Fell, England. We informed them during the Masses that the CWA cloth was put on the Altar in Low Fell, and that special prayers were being offered there for our parish.
How nice it is when brothers and sisters live together. We are together with our brothers and sisters in Low Fell.
Robert Tanto.


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