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On Wednesday, 24 January, feast of St Francis de Sales, Christian Cardinal Tumi; paid a short visit to the Holy Family Parish, Tabenken, the cradle of evangelisation in Donga Mantung Division. The visit, which was occasioned by an invitation from the Parish Priest, Father Charles Mbuntum, offered many pastoral and spiritual benefits not only to the Christians of Tabenken, but to the whole of Donga Mantung Division.

During the Eucharistic Celebration at which were present Catholic and non-Catholic Christians plus a good number of non-Christians, the Cardinal urged the Christians to desist from witchcraft beliefs and accusations, and deepen their faith in the power of God and the love of Christ.

Believing in the love of Christ, the Cardinal said, leads Christians to love like Christ. The love of Christ is different and more perfect than the love between friends, or the love among people who are related by blood, or the love between a boy and a girl who hope to marry. It is with the perfect love of Christ that Christians can love their enemies. Such love drives away fear and leaves no room for witchcraft accusations.
Before concluding the Eucharistic celebration the Cardinal proposed to the massive congregation six laws for success in life. He made it clear these were neither the laws of God nor the laws of the Church, but they were his own discovery of what made for success in life. The six laws are:
1. Love to work and for work well done.
2. Perseverance in work well done
3. Discipline in whatever one does. Have a programme of work and life.
4. Prayer: Let God be at the centre of everything you do.
5. Humility: intellectual and general. No one knows everything. Be ready to learn from the other what you do not know.
6. Purity: of mind and body. A dirty body and a dirty spirit can never bring success..

Present also in Tabenken to receive the Cardinal were the SDO for Donga Mantung Division and his top collaborators, Lamido Ndemsa of Wat, and the Fons of Tabenken and Mbaa.
After Mass, the Cardinal paid tribute to late John Nchari, who was the first Christian to be baptized in Kumbo Diocese around 1914.
The celebration continued with choral singing and animation by the Holy Family Choir, a Role play by the CWA, and cultural manifestations.
The occasion ended at 3pm with closing remarks and benediction. The Cardinal left Tabenken with good impressions.

Robert Tanto


At Friday, November 02, 2007 5:38:00 pm, Blogger Jackson said...


This is great, I am from Tabenken and now living in Houston Tx, in the United States,such a great pleasure pleasure to see people you know on the web, glad to see the chief of Tabenken and Father Robert Tanto's mom she looks still very strong.

Jackson Njoka

At Wednesday, June 04, 2008 7:11:00 am, Blogger Nyohnji said...

this work is commendable and i congratulate the initiator of making this news item and imags available for some of us out here.Because o this blog i am continously updated on the regular events that affect our church back in there in the village and i can remember life as a teenager when that church meant everything to me.


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