Saturday, 3 February 2007


Gosh! I just realise now that I have never published the story of the repaired Church in Ngotong. The Catechist of Ngotong informed me at our meeting with Catechists in Mbande, that the community has started making benches for the Church.
This photo shows the repaired wall which had collapsed at the back of the Altar. It is a beautiful wall now.

The broken wall provided some kind of lighting for the Church. The Altar was very exposed and one could not celebrate Mass if it rained.

But the little sanctuary is now a dark corner until you open the windows. Thank God there are two windows to let in some light.
What is more, we did a new altar to suit the repaired structure.
We remain very indebted to all who heled Ngotong Community to repair their Church.
We can only hope that their faith too is repaired!

Robert Tanto.


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