Thursday, 14 June 2007


We are an all male acapela group born in April, 2004 in the small town of Nkambe in the North West province of Cameroon. After coming together and discovering our musical talents we decided to practise gospel music and glorify God. We started as 5(five) in number but are today 4(four).At some point two members left and our group was left with only three members. Later, one left and only two were left.(Fanka Leander Taju(De Dark) and Nsagha Kingsley (De Old). We were determined not to give up. We decided to call ourselves THE CUSTODIANS. We believe we have a call to UNITE the world through song. We believe in this way we are “Custodians” of the Word of God. We hope that by using our talents to sing we can unite people of our world. We can preach the Good News to them and help them to develop interest in the Word of God. Who knows, some who hear us may begin to live and behave the way Christ wanted us to live.
Our group mainly sings religious songs relating to societal activities. We have written some fifty songs. Some who have heard us sing have testified that our singing touches them deeply. By song we have brought consolation to many: to widows, to the poor, disabled people and even people who do not know Christ. We sing in different languages and so are able to reach people who speak different languages. We sing in Limbum, English, and Pidgin-English. Our most recent song "Weti you go talk?" in Pidgin-English, meaning “what will you say?” has greatly ministered to many souls.

We gained popularity by performing in public shows, organizing concerts, visiting towns, churches, singing over the radio, and so on. We are the best known Capela Group in Nkambe!!
Our group is made up today of four members including two old ones (De Dark (Fanka Leander Taju), De old (Nsagha Kingsley), Nformi Terence Ngah and Chia Killian Chia. We sing harmoniously in four voices!.
Our biggest concern now is to release an album of our songs. We have been working at this for the past two years. We came to this because wherever we sing people want our music on CDs so that they can continue to hear us when we are no longer on stage. We have no producer to popularise our music. However, with our limited resources we have been able to complete only two out of ten songs in the studio:”Prostitute" and "Weti you go talk?” We hope to release a video album after releasing an audio album. As we do not yet have any sponsorship to fasten the production of our music albums, we plead with our fans to be patient: "BE PATIENT BECAUSE GOD'S TIME IS THE BEST".
We are members of the Baptist Church, but we have been given a very warm welcome by the Catholic Priest. We are very grateful to Binju-Nkambe Parish for giving us the space to introduce ourselves on their parish web page.
For those who would like to contact us for information or assistance, our contact is:
Telephone: (237)77873242,


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