Monday, 26 March 2007

Back to Blog at Long Last!

Hello everybody! I am glad that we are able to get back to our blogger. For more than one month we had difficulties getting the google account open.

In the meantime lots of things have happened. One of the major things that happened was the visit of the Bishop to celebrate with us the Silver Jubilee of the Diocese at the level of our deanery.

Lots of people came in from the different parishes of the deanery, and many of them were meeting the new bishop for the first time.

The bishop delighted the people when he told them he had chosen delibertately to begin the celebration of the Jubilee of the Diocese from the deanery which is typically of primary evangelisation.

On their part the people, through their dean, Father Christopher Seka, appealed to the Bishop to recommend Donga-Mantung Division for a diocese. There are two deaneries in this division where the Catholic faith is still very fragile. Tabenken deanery has its seat at Tabenken Mission, which is the oldest Church in this area. The parish was opened in 1937. The other parishes grew from it slowly through the years. Nkambe parish was the first to be born from it in 1956, and has itself given birth to one other parish and three quasi parishes.

During the Jubilee Mass at Binju on 19 March, Bishop Nkuo was a happy recipient of a wooden crozier donated to him by a woman of the deanery. The woman herself was not present for the Mass. She had broken her leg a few days before the Bishop's coming and had been hospitalised. She would be happy to hear later that the bishop promised he would use the crozier. The Bichop actually used the crozier at the end of Mass to bless the congreation.

The Catholic Men Association (CMA) of the deanery were in the limelight during the celebration on 19 March. They have St Joseph, Husband of Mary as their patron saint. The bishop urged them to emulate the good example of St Joseph, telling them that in Buea Diocese where he was Diocesan Priest before becoming bishop of Kumbo, the CMA have a maxim about St Joseph: "ST Joseph, a man of Honour". He hoped that the Catholic Men of the deanery would be people of honour.

It was a day of celebration. The Bishop was surprised by the preparations that had been made.
A cow had been killed, and a lot of food had been prepared. The people of this deanery meant to set the tone for the celebration of the Jubilee of the Diocese.

The bishop enjoyed the food that had been prepared for all. And there was food galore for the people.


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