Monday, 5 February 2007


Bishop Immanuel Bushu has effectively taken governance of Buea Diocese
Last Tuesday Bishop Immanuel Banlanjo Bushu took over the pastoral governance of Buea, the oldest Catholic Diocese in Cameroon. The five hour long ceremony began with a Pontifical Holy Mass presided over by Mgr Antonio Eliseo Areotti and closely assisted by Christian Card. Tumi and Bishops Bushu, Pius Suh Awa..

In a very moving homily, the Papal Nuncio to Cameroon and Equitorial Guinea thanked Bishop Awa for a job well done. Bishop Pius Suh Awa served the Diocese of Buea as Bishop for 35 years. In 35 years Bishop Awa had given the diocese its image and status; he had formed a strong laity and a committed presbyterium. Introducing Bishop Bushu, the Nuncio assured the people of Buea that they could not have had a better replacement for Bishop Awa. Bishop Immanuel Bushu is neither a new person to Buea nor to the bishopric.
After the homily Bishop Awa who looked terribly fragile, handed over the crozier, the symbol of authority, to Bishop Bushu. He did not utter a word. All the priests of the diocese of Buea came up to pledge obedience to their new shepherd.
Present at this installation ceremony were 18 bishops of Cameroon, over 100 priests, a large number of religious men and women, civil and traditional authorities as well as an imposing presence of the media. Before the final blessing Bishop Bushu dedicated his mission to the twin Sacred Hearts of Mary and Jesus. He called for collaboration in a bid to grow together in holiness.

Robert Tanto


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