Thursday, 2 August 2007


Our dear friends and benefactors, we say sorry for not giving you our news for a long time. Our internet equipment has suffered a heavy damage by lightening. We have not been able to render internet services since June 2007. It is, thanks to Fr Robert Tanto, that you are able to read this document. He has taken it to put on our weblog in Kumbo where there is internet service.
Although our internet services have halted, we continue to run our services to the youth, especially training of boys and girls in computer technology and documentation services. We have been cut off from our beloved friends and the world at large since the 26of June. On that day, it didn’t rain but only a simple drizzle only was noticed. During that drizzle, a sudden lightening blast hit our set–up, damaging the Net Modem, the BUC and the back-up battery. We have had a technician from Douala to try to put things back in order. There seems to be no technical explanation for the damage, given all the protection that has been put around the equipment (lightening protection, “Telemachanique”, Earthing).
What makes it worst is that, the brain behind the whole setup of this project, which is not only serving the youth, but the entire populace, has been transferred from Binju-Nkambe Parish. The users of this service incessantly visit the site to check if things are working. Most parents who have brought their children to do internet training during this Holiday are disappointed. Most people fear that if it does not work before Fr. Robert Tanto leaves, then that will be the end of the story. We pray you to be patient. If we succeed to reinstall the internet, we shall continue to reach you with news from our parish and the diocese.
Pray for us as we struggle to get it going again. If anyone hears our cry and can support us financially to get up and start running again, we will be most grateful.
The technician we brought in from Douala estimated the cost of replacing the damaged equipments at CFA 3.000.000 FRS (€ 4.615). If you want to make a donation to this project, please send it to Binju-Nkambe Parish GBT ACCOUNT FOR UNDERPRIVILEDGED YOUTH, BISHOP’S HOUSE KUMBO, CAMEROON.
Thank you for reading and we hope you can help us.
Bernard Afor
Manager, GBT Internet services.


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