Tuesday, 27 May 2008


The results of the Religion Examination written by Catholic schools was proclaimed last week end with Binju-Nkambe Parish taking the lead in the Diocese of Kumbo. Amongst the few Primary Schools that scored 100% was Catholic School Binju. The parents and Pupils where so happy with the Manager of Schools in the Parish, Fr. James Tanto. He has been working in total collaboration with the teachers to make sure they offer the pupils all they need. Catholic School Binju was first in the Parish followed by Catholic School Kungi, with 100% and 96% respectively.

What is peculiar about this Religion Examination is the fact that it is written not only by Catholic children. Muslim children attending catholic Primary schools do not wait to write only the First school Leaving Certificate Examination and the Common Entrance Examination, but they also go in for this Religion Examination and do very well.
The results were proclaimed on the eve of the National Day Celebration (20th May). The kids therefore had a twin celebration. Those who wrote the examination.Their teachers were not indifferent either they joined their children to celebrate for a job well done, as it is said, "the superior teacher demonstrates and the great teacher inspires".

Bernard Afor


At Thursday, January 08, 2009 3:17:00 pm, Blogger Mike Damue said...

Wearing this school out fit in he days made me what I a today and thanks again to Fr. James Tantoh for reviving the Spirits. Education begins here and end here because performane at this level gives you a future. "I remember, when I was a soldier..." a popular tunes by great teachers like Daki Francis, Mr Bulloc(Aka name) Tiepngang, Madam achengkeng, Madam Tombi to mention a few. Great days too when father Joseph Veranso, Fr Seka (RIP), Anthony Yelaka etc took us through week day prayers every Wednesday afternoon. Inter-school games when we played with PS Nkambe, CBC,GS hahahaha.
Great days
Great moments
Great great great


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