Thursday, 15 May 2008


The people of kungi village lack words to express their joy and gratitude to Fr. Robert Tanto and Benefactors who have helped them to construct a new Church structure. This is one of its kind in the village. Not only catholic Christians are elated by this. The whole village is overjoyed. The Fon of this village though a Moslem has been doing his best to assist in the construction of the church. He also expresses his gratitude to Fr. Robert Tanto and The benefactor.
"Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I wish to thank you and the Almighty God in the first place for his love for mankind. Thanking him for the gift of Rev. Father Robert Tanto who in his life has been so dynamic, honest and hardworking. I am as well quite interested to express my own heartfelt gratitude to Rev. Father Robert Tanto as the head of Kungi village and to you as well wishers for the erection of the Kungi village Catholic Church house of worship.
I as the Fon of this village have seen the erection of this Holy house myself and have participated practically in my own bit to this erection. I think as the world is global, I as well, think we are living in partnership. I hope and pray that this partnership should continue and grow. As of now, I can’t express the degree of the jubilation of the villagers as a result of the erection of the Catholic Church house of worship.
I thank God for the gift of your good will. May the Lord of our lives grant you long life and prosperity in all your undertakings. God bless you all.
Yours faithfully
Fon Of Kungi
Below is the Fon of Kungi and the Foreman.

Bernard Afor


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