Tuesday, 25 November 2008


The Feast of Christ the King was wonderfully celebrated by the Christians of Mamba, Ntumbe, Ngotong-Ntumbe and Kungi who all gathered at the Kungi new Church.

The Celebration began at 8.00am with Holy Mass and the Parish Priest of Binju Nkambe Parish, Fr. Emmanuel Mbeh as Celebrant. In his sermon, he called on the Christians to think well and decide on which way to go, for they had just one more week to get into Advent. The occasion was a very colourful one as different church groups were present in their different uniforms. Though the church was still without a roof, mass was still said there.

The sun was too hot so many of the Christians especially the children were ushered to the walls which provided shelter. The position of the alter too was changed because of the sun. Some of the timbers donated for the roofing of the church were supported with stones and used as benches for this occasion. One of the Mass Intensions was offered by the Kungi Mission Chairman, Mr. Patrick Nfor, for the happy repose of his son who slept in the Lord last year, with special offertory.

Some of his invitees saw the church for the first time and were so overwhelmed that one of them, donated a tree for timber. The whole congregation was so delighted with this gesture and clapped as a sign of their appreciation.
Immediately after mass, there was benediction a then a procession with the Blessed Sacrament from the new and uncompleted church to the old one. This was announced by gunshots. From the church, benediction was done at the Kungi market square, here the population increased because every one who was in the market, catholic or not joint in the benediction.

From the market, the next stop was at the Kungi Fon’s Palace. Everyone in the palace came out to be part of the blessing. Even the Fon of Kungi who is a Moslem came out with his bible to honour the Fon of Fons.
The procession then continued to the old church were there was the final benediction.
The Parish Priest Then Went back to the palace to thank the Fon for letting them use his palace as one of the prayer grounds.

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