Wednesday, 19 November 2008


His Lordship, the Bishop of Kumbo, George Nkuo today, 19 November, 2008, visited the Binju-Nkambe Parish Children’s Library. It is a few months back since he was in Donga Mantung Division.

This visit was a surprised one. Nobody expected him in Nkambe this time. He was accompanied by some French Speaking sisters. The Bishop was delighted to learn that the Library was being used by the children. He had news of more books for the Library from the Benefactor, but was told that the books were still in transit. He was disappointed, the internet was still not connected.
From the Children’s Library, he moved with the sisters to the Church where they meditated for a while and continued to the school campus and to the pastoral Centre. While in the school, Catholic School Binju, they met neither teachers nor pupils for this was the Catholic Education Week and the pupils and teachers had all gone down to Catholic Primary School Akweto for other activities.

There, the Binju-Nkambe Parish Chairman joined them. Together with the Parish Priest, They made the Bishop see the vast land that Binju Nkambe Parish has. They Parish Priest also showed the Bishop the piece of land he has applied for and was waiting for The Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung to respond. This Land is not far from the mission.
From here, they had a launch break at the Presbytery and then continued to St. Rita’s College Nkambe. From St. Rita’s college, they took off for Kumbo.

Ben Afor.


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