Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Decree No.KD/A-19/2008/3 May 23, 2008

All Priests
Religious Communities
Diocese of Kumbo

Dear Collaborators,


Kindly note the following transfers and appointments of priests in the Diocese of Kumbo.

1) Parishes:Parish Personnel

1 Tobin Quasi Parish: Fr. Aki ALOYSIUS Rector
Fr. Augustine FOKA Curate
2 Mfumte Quasi Parish: Fr. Roger NFOR Rector
Fr. Edwin KINGA Curate
3 Jakiri Parish: Fr. Hyacinth FORNKWA Curate
4 Ako Parish: Fr. Bong EMMANUEL Parish Priest
5 Ndzevru Quasi Parish: Fr. Omer SEVIDZEM Rector
6 Sabongari Parish: Fr. Sylvester NGARBA Curate
7 Djottin Parish: Fr. Polycarp YUKENG Curate
8 Kumbo Parish: Fr. Isidore LAFON Curate
9 Nkor Parish: Fr. Tobias NGAH Curate
10 Meluf Parish: Fr. Evaristus KIVEN Curate
11 Mbve Parish: Fr. Peter FOLENG Curate

2) Colleges:
1 St. Sylvester's College - Sop: Fr. Edwin Kewai: Principal
2 St. Augustine's College - Kumbo: Fr. Romanus Kisi: Chaplain
3 St. Peter's College - Kumbo: Fr. Peter Foleng: Chaplain
4 Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception - Kumbo: Fr. Victor Yuyar: Chaplain

3) Diocesan Services:
1 Bishop's Secretary: Fr. Gerald JUMBAM
2 Diocesan Coordinator of Mass Media (Radio Evangelium): Fr. Victor YUYAR
3 Diocesan Vocations Director: Fr. Athanasius SANGNYUY
4 Diocesan Coordinator of Catechists: Fr. Cyprian TATAH
5 Supervisor of Garage: Fr. Isidore LAFON
6 Supervisors of Bookshop:Fr. Edward LUKONG & Fr. Zephyrinus MBUH
7 Supervisor of Printing & Communications Centre: Fr. Victor YUYAR

4) To Cameroon National Episcopal Conference - Yaounde: Fr. Robert TANTO
Assistant Secretary General (CENC)

5) Going for Further Studies
1 Fr. Gordian Baba: Pontifical Biblical Institute - Rome
2 Fr. Eugen Nkardzedze: Catholic University of American Washington
3 Fr. Francis Ndey: Catholic University of Yaoundé - (UCAC)

The above appointments and transfers come into effect on the 23rd June 2008 , unless otherwise indicated to you by the local ordinary. All those who are moving are expected to prepare handing over notes following the Diocesan Format available at the chancellery and a team will make a time-table indicating when the handing over exercise will take place.
We take the opportunity to thank each one of you for the services you have carried out so generously for the spread of the Gospel in our Diocese and we wish you all God’s choicest blessings in your new assignments. May our Lady of the Immaculate Conception guide and protect you as you daily give of yourselves in the service of his Son Jesus Christ.

+ George NKUO
Bishop of KUMBO

GN/nn/A-119/ 23/05/2008/ 3


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