Tuesday, 23 December 2008


The Bishop of Kumbo Diocese, George Nkuo, last Saturday 20th December, 2008 accompanied the relics of St. Therese to Binju Nkambe Deanery. The first stop was in Binshua, an out station of Nkambe Quasi Parish. From there, it was carried to Nkambe Main Mission. There was a long procession by the Christians which was closely monitored by Fr. Cyprian Tata, from Kumbo. He was the head of the team charged with the movement of the remains of this God fearing lady. From the Nkambe main mission they moved over to Binju-Nkambe Parish.
The Christians who expected the relics at 10.00am as programmed were patient until 2.00pm when it finally arrived. It was handed to them by the Christians of Nkambe Deanery at the borders between Nkambe and Binju Missions.

This ceremony marveled non catholic Christians who could not hide their feelings. One could here them making comments like: “These Catholics will show us some thing”, “Their tradition is quite different from that of the Baptist. We have never had such in our own Church”, amongst others. Just the coffin gained the admiration of all on lookers.

Children too commented about the beauty of this coffin and every one looked forward to seeing the content of this splendid coffin. The beautiful photos of St. Therese were also carried along side the coffin.
When the relics finally got to Binju-Nkambe main Mission, It was placed in front of the Alter where all Christians went in pair to venerate it.
It was during this time of veneration that the Bishop announced his coming. While in Ndu, he telephoned Fr. Cyprian Tata to find out how the Christians of Binju-Nkambe Deanery welcomed the Relics of St. Therese. He then told Fr. Cyprian he, the Bishop was going to be in Binju at 4.00pm for Mass.
The Christians of Binju-Nkambe Parish were so pleased to have the Bishop in their mist. They were happy the Bishop George Nkuo had a lot of concern for their Parish. The Dean thanked the Bishop for being part of this wonderful ceremony.
After Mass, the relics stayed in Church were different church groups came in at different hours to pray to St. Therese. This continued until 5.00am when it was carried to Djottin Parish.

Bernard Afor


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