Tuesday, 10 February 2009


On Sunday 08/02/2009, the Christians of St. Michael’s Catholic Mission Kungi in Binju Nkambe Parish celebrated the feast of their Patron Saint. They used this feast day of St. Michael their patron saint to invite friends, well wishers and elites in and around their village to support them raise some money geared towards the completion of their new church building. This fund raising occasion was held at the new church site . It began with a Holy Mass presided over by the Parish Priest, Fr. Emmanuel Mbeh. In his sermon, he called on the Christians of Kungi to place all their trust in God for he alone can heal all diseases. He wondered aloud why some people spent their time and money visiting witch doctors who cannot help them. These witch doctors are only there to exploit them. GOD OUR FATHER IS ABLE AND WILLING TO DO ALL FOR US HIS CHILDREN, he said.

The Holy Mass was attended mostly by the Catholic Christians of Kungi, Mamba, Kumbaw, Ngotong-Ntumbe, Binju and Nkambe Town Quasi Parish. Those out of the Kungi zone came on invitation. Delegations came from Nkambe Town Quasi Parish and Binju Mission to represent their various church groups. They all took part in the celebration of the Holy Mass. Also present at the Holy Mass was His Highness the Fon of Kungi who is a Moslem.
Immediately after Holy Mass was time for the official opening of the occasion by the Fon of Kungi. It was at this juncture that many from the different denominations in Kungi came into the Church. He thanked the Catholic Community of Kungi for all their contributions towards the development of the village. And especially for the blessings God is bestowing on this village as a result of their prayers. He supported the project with the sum of 10.000FCFA. This attracted a lot of applause from the congregation. He went further to promise the Christians that he could not support them financially and will therefore do his utmost best to offer man power in the course of the project. This promise was highly welcomed. One of the elites of Kungi, Simon Ndi, though resident in Nkambe Town Quasi Parish overwhelmed by this gesture of his Fon supported the project with the sum of 50.000FCFA. Next was the Parish Pastoral Chairperson, Henry Bawe. He gave the sum of 20.000FCFA. The final amount realized on the feast of St. Michael was close to 350.000FCFA. This amount the Parish Priest promised was going to be used for and only for the church project. He thanked all who squeezed time out of their busy schedules to be part of this occasion and prayed that the Lord Almighty bless them abundantly.
After the fund raising, it was time for refreshment. Different dishes and drinks were served on the tables for all present. They ate, drank and departed.
All these was done under the watchful eyes of the omnipotent God.

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