Sunday 30 July 2006


This afternoon we got information from Kumbo that the papa of Father Zephyrinus Mbuh, Bishop's Secretary, died last night. He will be buried in his home village, Mbessa, tomorrow, 31 July 2006. Kindly remember him in your prayers.

Robert Tanto.


All of Nkambe Town, and indeed the whole of Nkambe plateau is echoing the same sound, the same message, the same noise. One would think that everyone has tuned in to FM 105.1, the Donga-Mantung Community Radio Transmission.

The Radio House is a simple residential house, still very much unfinished
The whole Division has waited some two years for this dream to come true. After the preliminary meetings negotiating the opening of this Radio, Mr Akwanka Joe Ndifor, the reputed journalist who was behind it all died and left everyone wondering if this dream would ever be realised.

When I visited the building on July 27th Moses was still fitting in electrical sockets and switches!

Many people have been to the radio station today to lavish praises on the Lord Mayor of Nkambe and the Mayors of the Councils in Donga Mantung Division for pursuing this project to this stage. Mayor Jones Mangoh of Nkambe Rural Council is said to be in the USA to beg for money for more development projects in his municipality. He might have been the first to go on the air today!

A few days ago I caught up with a young English Man from London, Max Graef, who was seating even in the fresh air of Nkambe, to get the infrastructure finished within a few days. He was so busy he could not make the time to grant us an interview. Today I met him as busy as ever, organising, correcting, directing, just busying, busying.

Max Graef, Community Radio Specialist from London!

But he was happy. The crowd that filled the radio house told of the joy of success. As I compose this news bit I am listening to the Sunday Evening Show on FM 105.1.
What is even more, I had my few minutes on the air today to appreciate the achievement and inform people about my communication today with the Wimbum Group in USA who are working out their own contribution to the success of this radio story.
We are open to contribute our own bits of news, information and formation to our community through this medium. The boys in the studio hinted me they will be coming around some time to cover our Eucharistic Celebration live.

Max was happy to register success with
the technicians in the control room.

They told me they have had feedback about reception in Ndu, Oku, Nwa, Tabenken, Binka. They are still waiting to get feedback from Misaje, Ako, Sabongari. When the transmission can be received in these places, then the whole division is covered. This is indeed good news.

The Deputy Mayor of Nkambe has been on the air calling on people to report back from the areas where they received the broadcast.

Robert Tanto.


The Bishop's Secretary informs us that in the afternoon of 29 July 2006 Father Patrick Adeso was found dead in his room at the Campus of the Catholic University of Central Africa in Yaounde. Apparently he had been dead for some time already but was only discovered on that afternoon. Burial arrangements are still being made and will be communicated to us later.
Father Patrick was a priest of the Diocese of Kumbo and teacher of Sacred Scripture at the Catholic University. He was born on 21 March 1951 and ordained priest on 19 April 1979.
Please, remember him in your prayers.

Robert Tanto.

Saturday 29 July 2006


The ordination of Rev. Father Elvis Berka Shudzeka of Ngomrin, Sop, took place this morning at the St Theresia's Cathedral, Kumbo. Christian Cardinal Tumi presided at the ordination ceremony and was assisted by Archbishop Esua, Bishop Immanuel Bushu of Yagoua, Father Maurice McGill, MHM, the Mill Hill Superior for Cameroon, and other Mill Hill Members from Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province. There was a large presence of Cameroonian Diocesan Priests. The ceremony was colourful.
Father Elvis Berka is the first Cameroonian to be ordained priest for the Mill Hill Missionary Society. He was born in Nkambe in 1973 into the family of Mr Yimbu Fidelis Shudzeka and Mrs Prudentia Wimum. He is the 6th of 8 children.
He did his secondary and High School in GHS Kumbo from 1988 - 1996. After High School he did a spiritual year in the Mill Hill Formation Centre in Foncha Street, Bayelle Parish from 1996 - 1997.
1997 - 2000 he studied Philosophy in Jinja, Uganda. He then moved to St Joseph's College, Mill Hill, London. In 2002 he took the Temporary Oath as a temporary member of St Joseph's Missionary Society. In the same year he was appointed to Pakistan for missionary experience, but did not go there due to a problem in getting a visa. He was appointed to Kotido Karamoja in North Uganda where he served until 2004. Then he moved to Nairobi, Kenya, to complete his study of Theology.
In December 2005 he took the perpetual Oath as a permanent member of St Joseph's Missionary society. He was ordained deacon on 14 January 2006 at Nairobi. In February 2006 he received his first appointment to Malakal in Sudan. He will take up that appointment when he is done with Thanksgiving Masses after his ordination today at St Theresia's Cathedral, Kumbo.
Addressing the large congregation that was present for the ordination, Fr Maurice McGill, the Mill Hill Superior for Cameroon, thanked all who have contributed in different ways to form Father Elvis for Missionary Service. He told the newly ordained missionary: "Fr. Elvis, you are invited to show the way to the students in formation and, thank God, there are a number of them, and to encourage the candidates who will come this year and those who will follow them in years to come". He invited the Mill Hill Students to stand up for all to see them - a good number of them!
Fr Elvis was invited to address the congregation. He did not think he had anything to add to all the beautiful things Fr Maurice had said. He thanked the people for coming to the celebration and appealed to all to pray for him. He said he had entered into a pact with God and could only succeed if he prayed a lot and needed others to pray also for him.

Robert Tanto

Thursday 27 July 2006


The Ordination of the Bishop-Elect, Mgr George NKUO has been slated for 8 September. Last Saturday the Sterring Committee charged with the preparations for this event met for the first time in Bishop's House, Kumbo. The following sub-committees were set up with members from the steering commitee and coopted members from among the faithful and friends of the diocese:
1. Feeding Committee: To receive contributions from the parishes, purchase food items and drinks, assign different groups to prepare the food and serve it to the invited guests: Lilian Manjo (Chairperson), Brother Juan Nvo Nvo, Sr. Therese Claire Chi, Sr. Grace Ngu, 10 Sisters of Tertiary sisters of St Francis.
2. Transportation Committee:To cater for the transport for the members of the committees, the transportation of the lodged persons, transportation of food and drinks: Mr Ernest Yubin (Chairperson), Father Daniel Ache, Mr Mr Michael Chinja.
3. Decoration Committee: To decorate the Altar, the ceremonial ground, writings for the hall, banners and posters, route markers: Sr Grace Ngu (Chairperson), Fr Evaristus Kiven, Sr Anette Tangwa. They will coopt more members.
4. Gift Committee: To liaise with Rome and get a durable chalice for the new Bishop, with the following words imprinted on it: "From the Faithful of the Diocese of Kumbo to Mgr. George NKUO": Fr Zephyrinus Y. Mbuh, Fr Hans Willeit, Fr Cyprian Tatah.
5. Liturgy Committee: To prepare every detail pertaining to the liturgy of the ordination day: Vestments for the one to be ordained, the Principal Consecrator and the Co-Consecrators, Festments for other Bishops and Priests, Candles, Flowers, Bread and Wine, Incense,m Coal, etc.: Diocesan Liturgy Committee, Sr Anette Tangwa, Sr Grace Mary Yefon, Mr Elias Bantar.
6. Ordination Grounds Committee: To prepare the ground for the ordination ceremony (build podium, arrange sitting, get sheds against rain, etc..): Diocesan Construction Department, Mr Ernest Yubin, Fr Anthony Yilaka, Fr Zephyrinus Mbuh, The Principal of SAC.
7. Communications Media Committee: To prepare booklet containing information about the diocese and the new Bishop, and Singing Programme, Prepare Contribution Cards, Invitations, Speeches, Minutes of Committee Meetings, bringing in the Radio and Television, Communicating with Cameroon Panorama and L'Effort Camerounais, uploading information on the internet, sensitisation and announcements, assuring public speaking system on ordination day, arranging a stand-by generator on the day of ordination, organising photographs and video coverage of the occasion: Fr Robert Tanto (Chairperson), Diocesan Printing and Communicatiuons Centre, Shey Julius Ngalim, Mr Chrysanthus Sala.
8. Security/Protocol Committee: Guarantee securitz for the Pastoral Centre and for parking on the day of ordination, organising protocol, order at the Liturgical assembly and in the halls where food is served, to contact Administration and Shisong Hospital for 'Security Personnel': Mr Augustine Ngu Ngwa (Chairperson), Mr Ernest Yubin, Mr Nic Otiason, Mr Nkwain Emmanuel, Ms. Angeline Kong, Mr Peter Mbuh, Shey Fonbah Richard.
9. Medical Committee: To organise medical care for those who might develop health problems. To make available a standy-by ambulance: Sr Bridget Manka (Chairperson), Mrs Clara Bongmba, Dr Yaa Louisa Wirmum, Sr Lory, and coopted nurses.
10. Finance Committee: To collect, disburse and account for all the monies needed: Mr Ngah Stephen (Chairperson), Fr Anthony Yilaka, HRH Fon Polycarp Ngwayi, Mr Boniface Nyuyki, Mr Bawe Henry, Ms. Angeline Kong, Mrs Emerencia Shang, Fr Patrick Nchuwa, Mr Beri Joseph Baba, Chairpersons of Parish Finance Commissions.
11. Souvenirs: To see to the provision and sale of souvenirs (cloth and T-shirts, etc.): Fr Andrew Ngah (Chairperson), Fr Anthony Yilaka, Dr Louisa Nyuyseni, Fr Charles Mbuntum, Mr Christopher Fornkwa, Mrs Fonju Elizabeth, Sr Grace Ngu, Sr Josephine Jaya.
12. Accommodation Committee: To receive and lodge guests who will come from other dioceses and abroad for the ordination: Mr Ephraim Lukong (Chairperson), Sr Anna Woods, Fr Peter Watson, Fr Edwin Njongai, Mr Michael Veranso, Sr Elvira Afoni, Br Juan Nvo Nvo, Sr Catherine Molloy, Chairpersons of Kumbo, Mbve, Tobin, Shisong, Meluf and Melim Parish Pastoral Councils.

Each sub-committee will meet at their convenience to break down their job description and start working before the next Steering Committee Meeting scheduled for 3 August in Bishop's House, Kumbo at 9 a.m.

Robert Tanto.

Wednesday 26 July 2006


Binju-Nkambe Deanery celebrated their Pastoral Week at Ako from 20 to 22 July 2006. It is always an adventure going to Ako. The road has started deteriorating. The challenge was too much for many people. Ako Parish, the host parish was represented by some 36 people who sat in during all the discussions. Some of their parishioners did the catering. The hospitality was very good.
Binju-Nkambe Parish was represented by their two priests and 24 lay participants, 23 of them being from Kungi zone, and one only from Binju Main Mission. Bakinchini and Mbande Zones were not represented. This was very surprising as the people in those zones had given the impression during the preparations that they would trek to Ako in their numbers. More surprising was the total absence of Mbande zone which had been carved out of Ako and attached to Binju-Nkambe only in December 2004.
Misaje was represented by only one of the two priests of the parish. Last year Misaje hosted the celebration and Ako was represented during that celebration at Misaje by some 15 people! One person from Mfumte arrived in Ako on the night of Friday 21 July. He alone had dared to come out of Mfumte and to brave the adventurous journey to Ako.
Most surprising was the total absence of Nkambe Town!
The first night of the celebration was characterised by arrival and settling in. Most of those who trekked the 40 kilometres from Kungi to Ako had swollen feet and needed to go to bed early. Ako provided some lighting in the Church with a portable generator. We were able to eat at the front of the Church by a little light from one fluorescent bulb. The handy men at Ako worked hard to keep the little generator running. The stubborn drizzle of rain cooled the air a little. This was good for those who had come in from Binju-Nkambe as the difference in climate can be very off-putting.
We started the day of Friday 21 July with concelebrated High Mass at 9 a.m. Ako Mission Choir animated the liturgy. The Dean, Father Robert Tanto presided at the Mass and delivered a sermon on the theme: Christian Service. He elaborated on "Sacrifice" as the underlying element in "Christian" service. He reminded those who had been voted into the various pastoral commissions to expect difficulties: misunderstanding, misinterpretation, rejection, even persecution, ... etc. To build up commitment in themselves, he urged participants to keep a few principles in mind: That we actually do not do God any favour by the sacrifices we make to render pastoral service if we do so grudgingly; that the little things we "give" to God now are only a preparation for the total "gift of our lives" when God finally asks us to come to him; that we actually do not "give up" anything for God, since all we have comes from him; that it is not possible to avoid sacrifice in life", since in the end we will have to "lose everything". He concluded that sacrifice is the key to receiving blessings from God: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God..., and all these things will follow" (Mt. 6:33). He told participants that holiness was all mingled with sacrifice: Christ made the ultimate sacrifice to ransom us and invite us to holiness and wholeness.
The Eucharistic Celebration and the Sermon set the tone for the work of the day. After a simple breakfast of "puffpuff" and tea, partipants went into workshop according to commissions. This led to lunch break. After break, participants went into a plenary session and listened to reports from the different commissions. They made indications for the direction to take in making resolutions that will guide the deanery for the next pastoral year. This led into the night, allowing participants only one hour for evening prayer and supper, and ended a little after midnight.
The Dean left Ako at 4.10 a.m. on the morning of Saturday 22 July to celebrate Mass at Binju and continue to Kumbo to participate in the first meeting of the Steering Committee set up to prepare the forthcoming ordination of the new bishop-elect for Kumbo.
He did not make to Binju in time for 6 a.m. Mass. He met two trees that had fallen right in the middle of the road. It took him a walk of about 200 metres to some isolated homes. He woke the people at 4.30 a.m. and begged for matchetes to hack down the trunks and branches of the two trees to find a little passage for his Suzuki Jeep. One must always expect these kind of adventures on Ako road! The next day Sister Therese Ngam of Tatum, who had been visiting in Ako for a few days boarded a bush taxi which broke down on the way and she trekked for six hours to reach Kungi where she was able to hire a bike to Binju Mission!! That is Ako!
The Celebration of Pastoral Week at Ako continued on Saturday morning with the writing of Resolutions for the next Pastoral Year, the Closing Mass presided at by Father John Njingti, outgoing parish priest of Ako, and the Diaspora Meal.
The Secretary at the Celebration, Mr Raphael Adamu of Ako, sent us the following resolutions:
1. To assign priests and qualified people to coordinate different commissions at deanery level;
2. To reinforce or introduce individual Harvest Thanksgiving in all Missions of our parishes;
3. To form Christian Family Movements in at least the Main Missions of our Parishes;
4. To form those pastoral commissions that do not yet exist in the different missions; and
5. To organise Bible Study in all parishes and follow up with a Bible Quiz.
Robert Tanto

Tuesday 18 July 2006


Bishop George Nkuo touches base with Kumbo Christians in maiden visit
Livinus Tal Bam

The new Bishop of Kumbo, Mgr George Nkuo, was recently in Kumbo for the initial contact with his new flock, in what has now been termed "The Unforgetable visit". Never before has such a jubilating crowd been seen, and the joy that was palpably felt even in the air itself, was so contageous that even people with a naturally downcast disposition could be seen rejoicing openly. If there is one thing the people Kumbo do well, it is their open-hearted welcome of all and any visitor.

Archbishop Esua accompanied the people to meet Bishop Nkuo during his triumphal entry into Kumbo!

Sunday 16 July 2006


I realise many people are keen to have the comprehensive list of appointments and transfers in Kumbo. Especially, many have come asking to see a photo of the new VG. Here we go, then!

The new Vicar General wearing his typical smile

1. College of Consultors (All effective from 08 September, 2006):

- Fr. Roland BERNGEH - Fr. Anthony YILAKA - Fr. Peter WATSON, MHM- Fr. Isidore S. LAFON - Fr. Robert I.N. TANTO - Fr. Aloysius AKI - Fr. Zephyrinus Y. MBUH

Parish Priests/Rectors and Assistant Parish Priests/Rectors :

Parish/Q-parish - Ako: Fr. Romanus Kisi LANSO (Parish Priest). Effective from 16 Aug 2006 - Djottin: Fr. Sylvester N. NSAH (Curate). Effective from 01 Aug 2006 - Elak: Fr. Lea S. KINGA (Curate). Effective from 01 Aug 2006 - Jakiri: Fr. Peter G. KINI (2nd Curate). Effective from 01 Aug 2006 - Kumbo Fr. Roland BERNGEH (Parish Priest). Effective from 01 September 2006Fr. Peter WATSON, MHM (2nd Curate). Effective from 08 September 2006.- Fr. Paul E.K. TAR (In Residence). Effective from 01 August 2006.- Mbve: One Sacred Heart Father (Curate): Effective from 01 Aug 2006. - Melim: One Sacred Heart Father (Curate) Effective from 01 Aug 2006. - Misaje: Fr. Polycarp S. WIRBA (Assistant Rector): Effective from 01 Aug 2006. - Ndu: Fr. Emmanuel N. MBEH (Parish Priest): Effective from 16 August 2006.Fr. Julius BINYUY (Curate). Effective from 16 Aug 200616 Aug 2006. - Ndzevru: Fr. Victor N. YUYAR (Rector). Effective from 01 Aug 2006. - Ngondzen: Fr. Joseph VERANSO (Rector). Effective from 01 Sept 2006. - Nkambe Town: Fr. Christopher SEKA (Rector): Effecyive from 01 Aug 2006. - Nkor Fr. Roger N. NGALA (Curate). Effective from 16 Aug 2006.- Tabenken Fr. Denis Martin NJOBAM (Curate). Effective from 01 Sept 2006. - Tatum Fr. John M. NJINGTI (Parish Priest). Effective from 16 August 2006. Fr. Sergius T. SHIYNTUM (Curate). Effctive from 01 Aug 2006
2. Managers of Catholic Schools Parish/Q-parish :
- Djottin: Fr. Sylvester N. NSAH; 01 Aug 2006 - Elak: Fr. Lea S. KINGA; 01 Aug 2006 - Misaje: Fr. Polycarp S. WIRBA; 01 Aug 2006 - Ndu: Fr. Julius BINYUY; 16 Aug 2006 - Ndzevru: Fr. Victor N. YUYAR; 01 Aug 2006 - Ngondzen: Fr. Julius J. VERSHIYI; 01 Aug 2006 - Nkambe Town: Fr. Christopher SEKA; 01 Aug 2006 - Tabenken: Fr. Denis Martin NJOBAM; 01 Sept 2006 - Tatum: Fr. John M. NJINGTI; 16 Aug 2006

3. College Personnel:
- SAC, Nso: Fr. Peter A. FOLENG (Principal). Effective from 01 August 2006.Fr. Polycarp W. YUKENG (Chaplain). Effective from 01 August 2006- SAMS, Kitiwum: Fr. Isidore S. LAFON (Rector). Effective from from 01 August 206.Fr. Oliver S. NDI (Vice Rector/Bursar/Teacher). Effective from 01 August 2006- SARICO, Nkambe: Fr. Christopher SEKA (Chaplain). Effective from 01 August 2006.- SASYCOL, Sop: Fr. Gordian B. BABA (Principal). Effective from 01 August 2006Fr. Justin SEFEMBIY (Chaplain). Effective from 01 August 2006.- SJBC, Ngarum: Fr. Edwin N. KEWAI (Bursar/Chaplain/Teacher). Effective from 01 August 2006- SPC, Tatum: Fr. Sergius T. SHIYNTUM (Chaplain). Effective from 01 Aug 2006

4. Diocesan Directors :
- St Jerome's Biblical and Pastoral Institute: Fr. Cyprian F. TATAH (Director). Effective from 01 Oct 2006 - Vocations: Fr. Isidore S. LAFON (Director). Effective from 01 Aug 2006
5. Others:
Bible Translation: Fr. Cyprian F. TATAH. Effective from 01 Oct 2006 Diocese Yagoua: Fr. Evans SHANG. Effective from 01 Sept 2006

6. Seminarians:
Parish/Q-parish - Ako: Linus CHEKILA. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Djottin: SAWA Prosper. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Elak: HIBINA Colbert. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Jakiri: TCHINDEBE Abraham. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Meluf: DIYA Paul. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Mfumte: Andrew KOHNJO. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Ndu: Beidi Dieudonné. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Ndzevru: Venantius FOLA. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Nkambe Town: Valentine YUVEN. Effective from 01 Sept 2006 - Nkar: KALGA Emmanuel. Effective from 01 Sept 2006

Saturday 15 July 2006


Tenth Obituary of 2006 13th of July 2006

We regret to announce the death at Missiehuis Vrijland, on 13th July, 2006, at the age of 88 of

Father Henk Aveskamp
May He Rest in Peace

Father Henk was born on the 6th of April, 1918 in Overdinkel in the Municipality of Losser, the Netherlands. He was the son of Gerard Johannes Aveskamp and Engelina Welman Aveskamp. He had four brothers and one sister

Henk attended schools in Zenderen, Megen and Gemert. In 1943 he began his Philosophical studies with the Society in Haelen. Initially, he studied Theology in Roosendaal in 1945, but later completed his studies in St. Joseph’s College, London in 1949. Henk took his Perpetual Oath on 29th May, 1948 and was Ordained in St. Joseph’s College Chapel on the 10th of July, 1949.

After Ordination, Henk was appointed to work in the Diocese of Buea, Cameroon. An appointment he took up in 1950. For the next forty two years Henk laboured for the Lord and His people in various parishes in such places as Baseng, Tiko, Widikum, Ikassa, Tombel and Shisong. Wherever Henk went in Cameroon his faithful cook followed with his family to serve Henk.

In 1991 Henk was appointed to the Dutch Region. In 1992 He returned to Cameroon to say farewell to his many parishioners and friends. He stayed almost a year.

From 1993, for four years, Henk ministered in a parish in Spijk, the Netherlands. In 1997 Henk retired to our house in Vrijland.

In the latter years and months of his life, Henk became most grateful for all the care that had been accorded to him at home and abroad. In recent months his health deteriorated and this afternoon he died peacefully.

While marking the various jubilees of priesthood in his life, the Superior Generals noted what a dedicated and faithful pastor he had been. Henk will be buried on Tuesday 18th of July, 2006 in Vrijland after a requiem Mass at

The previous Obituary Notice (9/2006) was that of Father Mathew Haumann who died in Venlo on the 3rd of July 2006, at the age of 68

Father Peter Nabben
Ooesterbeeck, Holland.

Friday 14 July 2006

Bishop-Elect, George Nkuo Appoints Collaborators

In a meeting with the interim College of Consultors, held in Bishop's House, Kumbo on Thursday 13 July 2006, the Bishop Elect of Kumbo, appointed the following priests of the Diocese of Kumbo to work in close collaboration with him.
Vicar General, Fr. Roland BERNGEH, effective from 08 Sept 2006

College of Consultors, Effective from 08 September 2006:
Fr. Roland BERNGEH
Fr. Anthony YILAKA
Fr. Isidore S. LAFON
Fr. Robert I.N. TANTO
Fr. Aloysius AKI
Fr. Zephyrinus Y. MBUH
The interim college of consultors also made elaborate appointments and transfers of priests in the diocese. The Diocese of Kumbo is gradually getting settled with the appointment last Saturday 8 July of The Right Reverend Father George Nkuo as new Bishop of Kumbo.
On Friday, 14 July 2006, the Bishop-Elect met the Presbyteral Council, which he reconfirmed in their function. In an intensive working session with the Presbyteral Council, he put in place plans for his Episcopal Ordination, which is slated for Friday 08 September 2006. A lot of preparation work needs to be done.
The ordination grounds where his predecessor, Cornelius Fontem Esua was ordained some 23 years ago will be renovated and used for his ordination. A budget of CFA 50 million francs was drawn to cover the entire cost of the ordination preparations, execution and evaluation.
The Diocesan Laity Council will be meeting on 15 July at Bishop's House, Kumbo, to plan details that will involve all the faithful of the diocese of Kumbo. Thereafter, the first meeting of the steering Committee for the ordination will be held on Saturday 22 July in Bishop's House. The steering Committee has members drawn from all categories of people in the diocese, representing all parishes and Religious Communities.
It is estimated that if every baptised Catholic in the Diocese of Kumbo contributed CFA 1000 francs for this purpose, we would be able to raise the money we need for the ordination. It is hoped that, our Christians, now highly enthused by the gift of a second bishop, will contribute generously to accommodate and offer hospitality to the estimated 10000 people who will come from all parts of Cameroon and beyond for the ordination ceremony.
Between now and 8 September, we need to keep praying and working hard. The Bishop elect will be travelling to Yaounde to meet the Papal Nuncio, and thence to Rome to make final arrangments for his ordination. We hope to receive as special guests at the ordination, our twin brothers and sisters from the Diocese of Limburg, Germany.
Robert Tanto.

Saturday 8 July 2006

Kumbo Diocese mourns construction engineer

Kumbo Diocese mourns construction engineer

Fr. Peter A. Foleng, SD. Kbomourns

Ntansi Isaac Tita, the man who has seen the construction of the Diocese of Kumbo from its seventh year, is no more. He died last Wednesday, June 28, 2006 in the morning. According to his wife, Mr. Ntansi returned home, after work, on Tuesday, June 27 in his normal health and dined with the family, as usual, before retiring to bed.

She discovered later in the night that he had difficulties breathing, and he was immediately rushed to the St. Elizabeth Catholic Mission Hospital Shisong, where he died in the early hours of Wednesday 28th June; memoria of St. Irenaeus, Bishop and martyr.
For the last 17 years, Mr. Ntansi has supervised the construction of almost all the structures in the Diocese of Kumbo. Amongst the structures he began and completed are the Bishop's House, John Paul II Diocesan Youth Centre, Tobin, St. Rita's College Nkambe, St. Aloysius Minor Seminary Kitiwum, the magnificent church at Binju-Nkambe, the presbytery and hall at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Mission, Ndu, the presbytery in St. Michael's Catholic Mission, Meluf, the Holy Family Health Centre Tabenken, the St. Kizito Health Centre and St. Therese Women Centre, Sabongari, the St. Jerome Pastoral Centre Kumbo etc.
Some of the big structures he was still supervising include the presbyteries in Tobin, Ngondzen, Ngarum, John Paul II Youth Centre and the Church of Misaje. Mr. Ntansi has left behind two wives, Elizabeth Fri and Victorine Kinyuy, seven children, a sister, friends, relatives and co-workers to mourn him.
He was buried on Saturday 1st July in his native village of Bali after a funeral service at the Presbyterian Church Njenka, Bali. The Curia and faithful of the Diocese of Kumbo extend heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

Friday 7 July 2006

St Paul's Church, Ngotong Ntumbe

We are blessed in Binju-Nkambe with the presence of a Major Seminarian, Franclin Banadzem. He helps to teach doctrine to the Adult Catechumens who have enlisted in Binju. We have some 10 real adults and about 40 unbaptised school pupils coming to our Binju Catechumenate. We also have of varying ages, about 20 First Holy Communicants.
Last night I accompanied the Catechists of the Parish at their monthly formation and meeting, this time held at Ngotong Ntumbe Mission. We had an hour of reflection on the importance of making the Word of God central in our lives and in our Catechesis.
This morning we celebrated the Eucharist in which we baptised one child of a single mother. And then we had discussions on the life of witness and commitment of the Catechist. Poor Catechists! They have to stand alone very often when they insist on the truth and try to promote gospel values. Two Catechists reported they had stopped teaching doctrine because their few, very few Catechumens were not just following any instructions given them.
Well, was I scared celebrating Holy Mass in that Church! Just look at the wall leaning into the "sanctuary"!! And, thank God, it did not rain!!! We would have had to carry the Mass Vesels running across the hills to find the nearest house!
The few Christians, mainly widows and single mothers, have, since I came into the parish, been making a small contribution for the repairs of their Church. After five years of hard struggle they now have savings of CFA 50000 Francs. This is only about one tenth of what it will take to repair their Church. But if we wait longer the whole Church will come down. The women are very hopeful. They have put together a little sand they carry when it rains. They tell me to beging the repairs and see what they can do. I reckon they have more faith than I. I will go with them and begin the repairs work.
When I spent holidays in my home village, Tabenken, last January, the Parish Priest asked the parishioners to make a second collection during my last Mass, to help me in my work at Binju-Nkambe Parish. The Parish Priest tells me the collection came to about CFA 4000 Francs. He is still to forward it to me. I promised the people of Tabenken that I would use their support to repair the Church in Ngotong Ntumbe. With CFA 4000 I can buy three timbers. I hope a miracle will happen. Jesus multiplied a few loaves for the crowds. I think he will step in once we get started. Who knows, he might be wanting to use your purse and your hands. Give Him a chance!!

Robert Tanto.


This week Bernard Kong has succeeded to set up the new equipment for the internet connection of the Diocese. He had to consult Mr Raymond Tita of Computer Planet in Bamenda to share knowledge and skills. Wonderful! They did it on telephone. And Kumbo Internet Section of PCC is up and running again.
Bernard informs me he is studying the possibility of increasing the bandwidth to run efficiently the computers that are now hooked up in the cyber cafe. He hopes to be able to hookup Bishop's House when the bandwidth is increased.
Meanwhile Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua has returned from Rome. The diocese is still waiting for news about his successor. Until we get one, let us keep praying that God sends to the Diocese a Bishop after Christ's own heart.

Robert Tanto.